1382 LHR-MAN 28 APR 17 (Club)

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1382 LHR-MAN 28 APR 17 (Club)

Postby Cloudscudder » Wed May 31, 2017 11:02 pm

This is a Trip Report from the Club cabin
Ground Staff
Food & Drink
Cabin Crew

This my first posting/ trip report on this forum

Being in a wheelchair and with an assistance dog "EJ" it can make flying that wee bit more complicated, though now after 261 RTN flights under our belts, my four legged companion and I are mastering it.

Our trip to visit a veteran in Manchester who is house bound and wants an assistance dog, our motto "solutions not problems", so we were going to him.

A rude 3.00am start in the Cloudscudder house hold, I tend to sleep down stairs so as not disturb the others in the house. First things first EJ's needs are met, breakfast and comfort break. Swear my neighbours must think the man in the wheelchair is a classic case of the breakdown of care in the community as take my EJ for his walk so early.

My local taxi arrives with absolute military precision at 4.00, a quick load of my wheelchair and dogs, yes dogs in the plural. Today we are flying with two assistance dogs thanks to the BA PR and Press office assisting us. I am also accompanied today by one of the charity's trainers who was taking responsibility for Rookie (his first flight ever)

The trip up from Hampshire to Heathrow a modest 55 mins and uneventful. T5 departures pretty much empty and ideal for the pre arranged press/photocall the results on these links

Twitter https://twitter.com/HeathrowAirport/sta ... 8173839360
and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HeathrowAirpor ... =3&theatre

Check in an absolute breeze, the staff becoming real friends to us over the years and this allowed us time to give the dogs a final toilet stop before passing through security

Security was very a breeze and Rookie took it all in his stride, but admittedly EJ 's laid back attitude helped a lot

I always choose the front row/ bulkhead seats as it means that I can remain in my own chariot (wheelchair) boarding and wheeling right up to my seat and there is more comfort space for the dog. I had forgotten that a new class had been introduced on domestic flights, so though it costs a bit more now for my preferred seats it really is truly worth the extra.

Boarding a treat and having two assistance dogs on the same flight created quite a bit of excitement and interest he crew and our fellow passengers. The flight though full loaded and pushed back ahead of schedule and before we knew it we were airborne. EJ just grabs the moment to catch up on his beauty sleep, Rookie more aware of the sensations and noises that most of us take for granted.

Liked the new food section up front, fruit selection followed by a bacon roll (which had been heated in the centre of the sun.....top of my mouth has just about regained full sensation)

This is such a quick flight but ideal for Rookie's first experience. As soon as we were up , it was time to head down. Touch down was as soft as, ideal for a first timer and as we had a return later in the evening..no bad experience.

A photoshoot with the crew of the day once my faithful chariot had arrived back at my seat and before we knew it we were soon outside the T3 at Manchester.

Great flight, truly great crew both on the ground and in the air. End result two very happy assistance dogs
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Re: 1382 LHR-MAN 28 APR 17 (Club)

Postby joeyc » Tue Jun 20, 2017 1:21 pm

A great TR cloudscudder, apologies it took so long to find its way from the limbo of the approval pile.

Hope the return flight was just as good. Cheers for posting 8-)
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