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The language used on this site is English. For the sake of clarity, please check your spelling and grammar - badly composed posts are difficult to make sense of and are easily misinterpreted. We do not use ‘Text Speak’ in the forums - the use of extreme abbreviations is unnecessary and confusing. Standard industry mnemonics may be used where members may be assumed to be familiar with them. Members who ignore this rule will be politely directed to these rules, and members who continue to ignore this rule will be politely asked to try a different forum.

You may put links directly related to your message within the body of a post, and you may also add your own website or favourite links to your profile; but you may not use your signature for advertising purposes. The moderators also ask that you refrain from long, multi-line signature files. NOTE: HTML can‘t be used in Signatures.

Censoring Posts
The Forum does censor certain words that may be posted; however, this censoring is not an exact science, and is being done based on words being screened, so certain words may be censored out of context. By default, words that are censored are replaced with asterisks.

If you engage in flamebait, sometimes known as trolling (see your account may be locked without notice. The BA Flyer forums are designed for people with a genuine interest in flying, not as a place to play Internet mind games. Trolling will not be tolerated in these Forums. This also applies to ad hominems (personal attacks to invalidate someone‘s argument). We strictly enforce a non-discrimination policy on BA Flyer, and any posts that are racist, sexist, homophobic or discriminate against others in any way are likely to be deleted and your account may also be suspended, following review by the moderation team.

The BA Flyer forums have some restrictions on what is considered appropriate. The Moderators reserve the right to delete posts that are off-topic, offensive or blatant advertising. It is ok to include links to related sites in your posts, but simply posting ‘visit my webpage’ is blatant advertising. Continued abuse of the forums will lead to your account being locked. This may seem harsh, but the quality of these forums must be maintained for the enjoyment of others.

The use of a member of any airline staff‘s real name is forbidden in the forum unless they have given their permission to use it, and fully understand that this will appear in a public forum.

Any pictures containing staff may not be posted unless said member of staff has given their permission to post it and fully understands that it will appear in a public forum. This applies to staff both on and off-duty. A moderator may edit your post if you use a real name or photograph and permission is not established. The posting of information that can be used to identify hotels etc. used by staff down-route is forbidden under any circumstances. This is so that the safety and security of staff is maintained. Any such post will be deleted by the moderators.

Please note that the rules which apply to public posts, also apply to the Private Messaging system, which may not be used to engage other BA Flyer members in personal attacks of a racist, sexist or homophobic nature, nor do we tolerate use of the Private Messaging system for spam, phishing, fraud or harassment. If you have received a Private Message that you believe breaches these rules, please forward it to a moderator and we will deal with it as a matter of priority.

The Internet makes it easy to cut and paste whole articles and stories from other sources, but doing this is a clear copyright violation in nearly all cases. Instead, please link to the relevant site. The only exception to this are public domain documents such as press releases or text that is clearly marked with the appropriate Creative Commons tags. Posts that are clearly cut and pasted from other sources will be deleted by the moderators.

Forum courtesies
BA Flyer operates in a friendly, tolerant manner but there are some courtesies that are common to BA Flyer and many other internet forums. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Use the search function to see if your question has been asked before.
  • Do not start multiple threads asking the same question.
  • Do not ‘bump’ threads to the top if no-one has answered. If people know the answer or can help, chances are they would have.
  • Using simple common courtesies like “Please” and “Thank you” where appropriate.
  • We welcome intelligent, robust debate where all parties play fair.